By Darcy Green
Sales & Marketing Associate

When Dwight Jefferson and Tyler Steele from Jefferson | Steele Partners at Richardson GMP came on board as Presenting Sponsor of Vancouver’s Barney Bentall & the Cariboo Express show, the decision was an easy one.

For them, there was a deeply personal connection to the Downtown Eastside community.

“A member of our team lost a family member to a drug overdose on the Downtown Eastside, so when Dwight and I decided to sponsor the event last year, the team was very supportive of our decision to do this”, said Tyler, Senior Vice President & Portfolio Manager. After serving 400+ meals at the café last fall, the team committed to three more years of sponsorship on the spot.

In addition to the personal connection to Potluck’s surrounding community, both Tyler and Dwight strongly believe in the old proverb “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

“And that’s something you do so well”, Tyler adds. “I have friends in the restaurant industry that have hired your graduates”.

The amount of work that goes into the annual concert is great from all parties involved, something that Tyler said made their decision to sponsor the show even easier.

“It is a really fun evening, also”, Tyler comments. “Barney & the band put a lot of work into the show and go out there and give a great performance. If they can do that, we can support you this way”.