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Terms & Conditions

Just a friendly reminder that 10:00 a.m. weekdays (Monday - Friday) is the cutoff time for placing or revising any catering order for the next day. If this is a staffed event, or an order over $1000, all changes must be finalized 3 business days before your event.


Saturday, Sunday and Monday orders must be confirmed no later than 10:00 am Friday.

Potluck Catering supplies will be picked up within 2 business days.




Orders Under $1000

All payments are due within 7 days of your delivery.


Orders Over $1000

The total cost for catering services and rentals must be paid in full prior to the event. A 60% non-refundable deposit must be made to secure the date and a valid credit card must be kept on file.

This deposit is due within 5 Business days of confirming your order.

Once the deposit is paid, the remaining balance can be paid at anytime but is due 1 day before the event date.



Credit Card – Fill out the preauthorization link that will be emailed to you, or call us at 604-609-7368 to speak with one of our team members to provide your Credit Card Information.

E-Transfer – Send the total outstanding balance to with your invoice number in the notes

EFT – Please contact for our Banking Information

Cheque – Please address the Cheque to:

Potluck Café & Catering

298 E Hastings Street Vancouver BC V6A 2Z4




Orders Under $1000

Order cancelled within 2 business days of their delivery will be charge in full for the order.


Orders Over $1000

If the deposit has been paid and the order is cancelled 60 days or less before the event date, the deposit shall be forfeited.

If the order is cancelled less than 7 days before the order date, the Client shall pay Potluck Catering 75% of the catering order as compensation for lost business.

If the order is cancelled less than 3 days before the order date, the Client shall pay Potluck Catering 100% of the catering order as compensation for lost business.



Order Confirmation

To confirm your rental order, we need a valid Visa, Mastercard, or PO. Once confirmed, the items for the confirmed dates listed on the PDF copy emailed to you will be reserved for you. It is your responsibility to inform us of any changes or cancellations; otherwise, the order will be charged processed as confirmed.


Rental Rates

Our rental rates cover the first 1-4 days, including Sundays but excluding stat holidays. After that, there is an additional charge of 25% of the rental rate per day for each extra day the items are kept out, and this continues until the items are returned.


Care of Rental Items

You are responsible for any damages or loss that occur after delivery of the rental items. Use the safe carrying containers provided to transport the rentals and avoid breakage.

Delivery & Receipt of your Rentals

Lonsdale Rentals will deliver rentals to the address, date and selected window of time listed on your rental order. Review it carefully to avoid driver delays. Same day changes will incur additional fees and be considered a new request. Rentals may arrive in a transport dolly, please inform us if storage is not possible.

Standard Delivery & Pickup Includes

Standard service includes drop off to and pickup from one specific pre-designated area at the address provided, near the trucks parked location. Up to twelve (12) exterior stairs at no extra fees. Details regarding elevators, added labour and setup or takedown options and rates are listed on Lonsdale Rentals Website.

Preparing Your Items for Return

Please return all rentals in their original crates and containers, stacked neatly in one location. Failure to do so will result in additional fees.

Onsite Extra Fees

Extra fees apply for extra services: elevator access to drop off and/or pickup destination, setup and/or takedown of any item, extreme distance from truck parked location, indoor stairs / steps, wait time to gain access, additional delivery / pickup fees for missed delivery or pickup as previously arranged. Items not prepared for pickup will incur both the onsite time as well as the specific item takedown fees.


Revisions & Cancellations

You can change your rental reservation without fees up to 5pm three (3) business days before delivery, but additions depend on availability.

Within two (2) business days, reductions or cancellations will incur a fee, and additions are subject to availability. If you cancel or reduce your order within 24 hours of delivery or cancel items on-site, you'll be charged 100%.

Missing / Damaged Items Upon Return to Warehouse

You'll be charged for repairs or missing items upon return and inspection. Please return missing items promptly to avoid extra charges. For Missing items under $75, damaged or broken items, replacement costs will be charged automatically. For missing items over $75, we'll notify you and allow two (2) business days to return the items before processing payment. If missing items are returned within seven (7) business days, you may be eligible for a refund, but after that, there will be no refund or credit.


Equipment Failure

Equipment is inspected and tested before leaving the warehouse. Troubleshoot before requesting a replacement. Replacements during working hours are free, but service charges may apply if the equipment is found to be working. Notify us of equipment failure before the event for a replacement, credit, or refund.


Full Rental Terms & Conditions <> can be found on their website.

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