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Finding Pride in Her Community; Aimee's Story

Aimee began working with Potluck in the summer of 2022, having been recommended to us from EMBERS EastSide Works. She started distributing our community meal program, that hands out 100 hot meals to the community around our location at 298 E Hastings, along E Hastings and to CRAB park.

Aimee's experience doing the meals was "awesome, it was really great. Everyone was always really grateful and 'over the moon'" Aimee is so personable, friendly and can chat your ear off about the coolest stuff, and we're so glad we got to see her not only thrive but grow doing this grass-roots program.

From there, we wanted her to be as involved as she could. We had her work some of our corporate catering events, like bartending at a Science World event, and she loved it. Being around people and "making people laugh and laughing in general" is something that Aimee loves to do, so what better way to make that happen then put her right in the heart of how Potluck makes our community programming happening; catering events!

And this was just the beginning! Since then, Aimee has worked at the Heart Tattoo Society, telling us she about her time there that she was the "retail donation coordinator... which was given to me at a time in my life where I wasn’t doing well; I even utilized some of these resources like the food resources."

Now, Aimee works all community events with Potluck, like our summer Weather Relief programs lemonade stand, the YWCA Single Mothers Holiday Meal Program Thanksgiving dinner, Oppenheimer BBQ on April 21st, and soon Central City Foundations "Fair in the Square" on June 11th!

She has gained pride, confidence, and a better ability to stand her ground through all of this and we are so excited to see what she brings to the tables this summer and beyond. "In the DTES, it’s every easy to not care. It’s ok to have a balance of “I do care” and I really like that Potluck has given me an opportunity to say that I work in the DTES without having to defend I work in the DTES."

Working for Potluck, Aimee has learned to feel "that being human is ok. I love the idea that I feel the elephant in the room is always there, but we talk about it, and I like that. In a positive way, I feel with working here is that if you have a great idea, I truly feel like I’m not competing with anyone or have to dumb down my ideas. It’s got that family feel, Potluck is different because I believe they’re earnest in their intentions. I feel proud to work for Potluck. I tell people I work here, and I feel truly proud."

When asked what advice Aimee would give to someone who has or is facing similar barriers and challenges, Aimee had some great advice, saying "it’s going to take some ups and downs. Life is like a heartbeat; you will have a lot of ups and downs and you never want to flat line. Keep your manners about you, manners will make up for a lack of education any day. Remember to ask more questions!"

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