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Pathways to Success

Potluck Café Society proudly presents a groundbreaking new training and employment initiative designed to empower individuals facing obstacles in the traditional job market. Our comprehensive 12-week paid training program, conducted in collaboration with our team of seasoned chefs, offers a transformative pathway to success.


Throughout the program, participants will immerse themselves in a diverse range of kitchen experiences, mastering various stations, including sandwich and salad preparation, dishwashing, tapas and canapés crafting, and hot line proficiency.


But that's not all. Our program goes beyond culinary skills, as participants benefit from personalized 1-on-1 guidance from Potluck's dedicated Employment Support Worker. This support encompasses goal setting, job readiness skills, and essential mental and physical health resources. Our commitment to success doesn't end at graduation; we continue to stand by our participants, ensuring unwavering support along their journey to achievement.


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Pathways to Success is a transformative program dedicated to uplifting members of the Downtown Eastside community who possess the readiness to embark on a journey of skill development and employment, yet have encountered barriers that hinder their access to traditional job opportunities. We provide a nurturing and supportive environment where these individuals can flourish.


Potluck Café Society is proud to play a pivotal role in guiding them towards meaningful and dignified employment.


In partnership with Mission Possible and their Employment Readiness Program, Pathways to Success has established a direct route for graduates to expand their training and employment prospects within a professional culinary setting, receiving the support they need to excel.


Our program welcomes participants without specific prerequisites, although a basic understanding of essential soft skills required for low-barrier employment is advantageous.


During the 12-week program, Potluck will immerse participants in a multifaceted learning experience that combines classroom instruction with hands-on kitchen station training. This curriculum encompasses a wide range of culinary skills, including:

  • Cooking Methods: Covering general cooking techniques, tool identification, equipment usage, and temperature control, including dry heat (air), dry heat (oil), and microwave cooking.

  • Pack-Slips: Teaching participants how to interpret catering orders, dietary preferences, religious and cultural considerations, allergy restrictions, modifiers, special requests, and various cooking techniques.

  • Meat, Poultry, and Seafood: Delving into meat cuts, processing and preparation, cooking methods, temperature management, carving, poultry and fowl handling, sanitation, cross-contamination prevention, seafood freshness, processing, cooking techniques, and the diverse world of seafood, including fish, shellfish, and cuts.


Throughout the 12-week journey, participants will engage in bi-monthly one-on-one sessions with Potluck's Employment Support Worker. These sessions provide opportunities for goal setting, personalized work plan check-ins, fostering community support connections, and honing job search skills.


Upon successful completion of the Pathways to Success culinary training program, our aim is for participants to embark on further employment or educational pursuits through the multitude of business and organizational partnerships available in Vancouver.

board classroom vancouver community downtown eastside training and education program potluck cafe society

Pre-Employment or Employment Readiness Program 

2- 6 months

Training and Education at Potluck Café Society

12 weeks 

board classroom vancouver community downtown eastside training and education program potluck cafe society kitchen catering
board classroom vancouver community downtown eastside training and education program potluck cafe society kitchen catering

Employment and/or Education Options

A lifetime

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