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2022 Ukrainian Thanksgiving with YWCA Vancouver

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Potlucks Social Programs Manager, Andrea, came up with the idea early on in her time with us to do a Holiday Meal Program supporting a group of women on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter holidays with a homemade, fresh and quality holiday meal made by our very own talented kitchen team. Last night, we began the program on a very high note - serving the Ukrainian refugee group of mothers and children that the YWCA Vancouver supports.

The YWCA supports 17 single mothers groups across the Lower Mainland, and recently opened their doors and arms to the aforementioned mothers and their children. The outpouring or support from the community has been wonderful, we've been told... And we wanted in! Andrea, along with two wonderful community staff Anna and Aimee, served up loaded plates of yummy food to everyone attending (and some YWCA staff too who couldn't resist the smell)

Dinner last night (not pictured because it went sooo fast) included turkey, white & dark meat, homemade stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes, roasted carrots and corn, turkey gravy, cranberry sauce and delicious pumpkin pies (managed to snap a pic of these luckily)

The night was filled with laughing children, chatter of the mothers socializing, and some Instagram stories being snapped up by some teens attending as well.

Check out some of the pics from last night - and keep your eyes open around Christmastime because we'll be doing both a traditional Christmas dinner for the single mothers group and their children around December 19th, AND a traditional Ukrainian Christmas dinner on Jan 6th.

Check Global News' blurb + short video here!

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