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BuySocial Canada Social Value Trade Show

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Our Catering Sales Manager and Social Programs Manager, Camille and Andrea respectively, held a table at the BuySocial Canada Social Value Trade Show yesterday and what a blast it was. We got to talk about Potluck, what we're all about, hand out some tapas (Italian meatballs and veggie curry fritters YUM!) and most importantly, meet a lot of cool and important people in this community and city.

We got to try some yummy baked goods made by both Super Awesome Eats, and Rose Royal Persian Bakery - look at them here!

These baked goods couldn't have happened without Trixie Ling, who founded Flavours of Hope, an organization whose mission is -

"To support and empower newcomer refugee women to earn a livable income and build social connections in the community through cooking and sharing culinary traditions and stories.

To create intercultural spaces and opportunities to learn together and build relationships between newcomers and other Canadians through sharing food, culture and stories."

Super inspiring and we will definitely be connecting with her soon.

Check out some other pics from the afternoon!

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