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Cariboo Express 2022 was a BLAST

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Honestly, everyone at Potluck is still coming down from the exciting that this years Cariboo Express brought us this past Saturday. We had our ENTIRE team, office and kitchen, alongside board members, donors, sponsors and many other truly important people to Potlucks success in the crowd, cheering on the musicians. Today has been filled with recalling funny moments, what songs had us jamming the most, and the excitement and joy we felt radiating off of the crowd.

This years show could NOT have happened with the support and donations from our very generous sponsors. Peep them here -

Now, onto the performance... With so many great acts, I don't even know where to start! This year, Cariboo Express 2022 featured special guest groups Wild Honey, and The Blue Wranglers. And an even EXTRA special guest, Mary Cleaver!

It was truly one of the best performances any one of us has seen, and we want to shout out those performers. The individual artists who kept us clapping and laughing along, were Matt Masters, Moses Lawn, Simon Kendell, Stephanie Cadman, Dan Fremlin, Scott Smith, Rob Becker, Ridley Bent, Dustin Bentall, Wendy Bird and Jamielynn Caswell!

Keep your eyes open in the coming days for more (and better, lol) photos. We did manage to grab a few on our phones as seen above, but we have a very talented in house photographer who just happens to be our Catering Sales Manager, and when she edits her professional photos, we'll post a whole gallery!

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